A bird’s-eye view …

bicycle on green meadow


We are fortunate in Southwest Colorado to have a wonderful cancer care community with an accredited cancer program that works to provide cancer treatment and supportive care throughout treatment and beyond. Our medical community does what they are able to for those experiencing cancer, but as with cancer care everywhere, there are not enough hours in the day to do it all.

The concept for Blueprints of Hope developed when we recognized that once individuals who were experiencing cancer left the comfort and care of their cancer-care providers, many needs remained unmet. This wasn’t because the cancer care they received wasn’t great, but that there are so many needs to be addressed within the cancer care realm. It’s a systemic problem, and happens across the spectrum of cancer care everywhere.

Seeing this, we felt compelled to offer those who are impacted by cancer more options, thereby giving them a greater sense of hope. We felt innately that our clients require supportive care that was community-based, and beyond the clinical treatment of their cancer.

We realized that by actually existing in the community where clients live, work, and breathe, we were in a better position to see the full picture — the bird’s eye view. Our connection to the resources and the pulse of the community in addition to existing where our clients live is what sets us apart from the day-to-day clinical aspects of cancer care.

In looking at the elements of the whole person, body – mind – spirit, we understand that cancer and its treatment isn’t just for today. To us, a bird’s-eye view is a comprehensive plan that includes today and tomorrows. It is what living fully with and beyond cancer, no matter what the outcome, really means.

Welcome to our nest. We are so happy you are here, and sincerely wish this to be a collaboration that truly improves the lives of all those who are touched by our work.

Always with bright hope ~

Toni Abbey