Our Cairns of Care Navigation Program

Our Cairns of Care navigation program works to help patients develop a personalized road map for their cancer journey by encouraging whole body, mind, and spirit healing and well-being.  Our professional guidance provides an environment of hope and authentic caring by offering practical, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual support throughout the cancer care trek. We see ourselves as an integral piece of the healthcare team, and as partners in your healing.

Many people find they most need our assistance at diagnosis and during the treatment decision-making process. Some find that they need our support when they are transitioning to post-treatment survivorship. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are inspired to assist individuals of all ages – their families, friends and caregivers, through any phase of cancer. Our passion is to improve the quality of life and embrace hope at every season of the cancer journey.

We strive to help individuals learn to live fully with cancer and beyond.  Contact us here to find out how our navigation services can help you or someone you love.

Blueprints of Hope strives to meet the diverse cancer care needs of Southwestern Colorado. We are knowledgeable professionals and experts about the healthcare system, programs and services that are available within our communities and beyond. We provide practical, personalized guidance, essential tools, information and resources that remove barriers to accessing and receiving timely care.