How Does Alcohol Cause Cancer?


Infographic credit Cancer Research UK.

TONI ABBEY | September 15, 2016

(Reprinted with permission from the Dana-Farber Blog)

In a cabinet in London’s British Museum nestles a 5,300 year-old wedged-shaped tablet called a cuneiform. On its surface is scrawled one of the earliest forms of written language in the world.

And it’s a record of Mesopotamian workers’ beer rations.

Clearly, humanity’s relationship with alcohol stretches back thousands of years, but a long relationship doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy one.

We know that alcohol is damaging to our health in a number of ways – including an impact on cancer risk.

There’s concrete evidence that it causes cancer and that drinking less reduces your risk of developing the disease.

But we haven’t yet explored the science behind how alcohol affects and damages our cells, and how this can cause the cells in our bodies to develop into cancer. Read More