Sharing the Blessings We Hold in Our Hearts & Archiving Memories for Our Children

Child Hands Holding Soil in Heart ShapeTONI ABBEY, RN, OCN | FEBRUARY 18, 2015

I have read that the connection to where we came from can frame our vision of where we are going. It seems so naturally-occurring that that when we preserve memories, we organically enable our families to embrace their lives. Below I have listed some ideas to archive these memories for them.

1. Make a special box of memories and personal items for each child. Pin a note to each personal item with a memory attached it. For instance, “This was the outfit you wore when we brought you home from the hospital.”

2. Create a videotape of you reading your child’s favorite story to them. Not only will the memories of you reading together be enforced, but your child will have a lasting recording of your voice. Consider videotaping other ways you spend time with your children — laughing, playing, holding them, and praying with them. Every time your children replay these videos they will re-experience the feelings of your presence. Read More


Creating Meaningful Family Moments while Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

happy boys go fishing on the riverTONI ABBEY, RN, OCN | JANUARY 7, 2015

Recently, we have been in a unique position of working alongside several families with young children. Some of these families are facing a serious and potentially life-threatening cancer diagnosis. Therein, there may be an acute sense of urgency to make and save memories with the family they love.

There are various methods of archiving special memories, but in the vein of the rigors of raising a family and facing cancer treatments, just the thought of preserving memories can feel exhaustive and overwhelming. With all of the incredible modalities available to record memories, if energy is at its ebb (which it usually is when treatment is at bay) we find that the easiest way to create memories may be by engaging the full range of your family’s senses. Read More