Holy S _ _ _, You’ve Got Cancer: A Quick-Start Guide


Elana Miller, who is a physician, psychiatrist and writer was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic T-Cell Lymhoma. In her blog she writes about the integration of Western medicine, Eastern philosophy and holistic approaches to “help people live happier and fuller lives.” Through her experience, she has written a Quick-Start Guide for individuals whereby she shares her best material from her blog, and suggestions to find the tools to help cope with the challenges a new cancer diagnosis presents. Included in the e-book are two Tip Sheets:  “44 Ways to Make the Day of A Cancer Patient,” and, “11 Ways NOT to Help a Cancer Patient.”  To follow Elana’s blog and download a free copy of her “Quick-Start Guide” go to ZenPsychiatry.com.



Creating Meaningful Family Moments while Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

happy boys go fishing on the riverTONI ABBEY, RN, OCN | JANUARY 7, 2015

Recently, we have been in a unique position of working alongside several families with young children. Some of these families are facing a serious and potentially life-threatening cancer diagnosis. Therein, there may be an acute sense of urgency to make and save memories with the family they love.

There are various methods of archiving special memories, but in the vein of the rigors of raising a family and facing cancer treatments, just the thought of preserving memories can feel exhaustive and overwhelming. With all of the incredible modalities available to record memories, if energy is at its ebb (which it usually is when treatment is at bay) we find that the easiest way to create memories may be by engaging the full range of your family’s senses. Read More