Live by Living

Live by Living Website LogoWe have joyfully partnered with Live by Living to bring a hiking program and an annual retreat to the rugged beauty of the southwest corner of Colorado! The Live by Living program is a non-profit organization, and the second charter of its program is sponsored by Blueprints of Hope.

Live by Living was founded in 2008 by Dan Miller of north Denver. The program was inspired by the life of Julie Wrend, his wife of 15 years. Julie was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989 when she was 34 years old. After finding she had Stage IV breast cancer, she walked and hiked herself into shape, and hiked the Grand Canyon. Julie loved the outdoors, and considered the mountains and deserts to be her church. She drew great emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits from her outdoor adventures. Julie led her friends, family, and even strangers on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, caring and joy.

After losing Julie, Dan wanted to channel his sadness into something positive – he wanted to share the benefits that he and Julie received from being in nature with other people who are dealing with cancer. His vision is to bring Live by Living to communities across the country. Through Julie’s example, Live by Living harnesses the solace of nature and the health benefits of exercise. Live by Living also promotes camaraderie through shared experience, to give survivors and their caregivers the skills to chart their own journeys through life. To this day, the focus is on living — not on cancer.

The Southwest Chapter of the Live by Living program offers many hikes for people who are post-treatment, including their families, and caregivers. All of our local hikes are listed on our community calendar here. Please click on the hikes to learn more about them. To sign-up for a hike, you must contact the hiking leaders.

To register for a Live by Living retreat, go to their website here, or visit our community calendar.