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Empowered to Participate in Your Care

Patient Power – Patient Power is an organization dedicated to providing resources and information to help anyone who is experiencing cancer or chronic illness gain the confidence and knowledge to become an empowered advocate to make medical decisions and live well with cancer.

Cancer Support Community – An international non-profit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people affected by cancer. They provide emotional support groups, education, and a program called Open to Options™ which provides counselors who can help cancer patients organize and prioritize their questions, concerns, goals and values before oncology visits. This program is available in English and Spanish, and helps patients make informed decisions about their care.

Talk About HealthTalkAboutHealth is an expert question & answer web site that provides access to the knowledge and expertise of the world’s leading medical providers.   They provide online workshops whereby patients can ask medical professionals questions, and have a full video library of information that provides education to patients so they can be a participating healthcare consumer. They provide interactive and personalized learning programs that can guide patients through treatments step by step, helping patients prepare for what’s next. Their goal is to encourage a higher level of doctor and patient interaction, and to reduce patient distress.

Cancer.NetCancer.Net provides oncologist-approved information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).  They have collaborated with the Conquer Cancer Foundation, and bring expertise and resources to people who are living with cancer, their caregivers and families to help make informed and educated decisions about health care.  The website offers information on all types of cancer, research, managing the emotional effects of cancer, and guidance throughout the cancer survivorship journey.

CFAH Center for Advancing HealthCFAH provides excellent resources to “help patients find good health care and make the most of it“. The Center promotes people’s active engagement in health care. The “Be a Prepared Patient” topics are on finding good health care, participating in treatment plans, communicating with your health care team, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, organizing and paying for care, getting preventive care, finding accurate information about your care and making good treatment decisions, and planning for end-of-life care.

Supporting One Another & Locating Resources

Colorado Cancer Resource Directory – The Colorado Cancer Resource Directory is an online guide of support resources for people who are diagnosed with any cancer in every corner of Colorado.

Colorado Ovarian Cancer Resource Guide – A Colorado directory of ovarian cancer resources to be used as guidance for those who are experiencing ovarian cancer. This is published by the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION – Information, resources, guidance and one-on-one support for anyone going through any stage of a cancer diagnosis.

Finding Trusted Information on the Web

Recommended Trusted Cancer Web Sites by the Medical Library Association’s Cancer Librarians – This is a wide-ranging document of trusted, quality cancer resources and web sites that has been compiled and by the Medical Library Association’s Cancer Librarians. The document includes reliable resources for children & adolescents, clinical trials, patient information resources, current cancer news, research, professional cancer-related organizations, statistics, conventional treatment options, alternative, complementary medicine, cancer drug development, and oncology practice guidelines. It is targeted toward cancer care professionals and patients, is updated regularly and can be printed in PDF.

UpToDate® for Patients – Learn about medical treatments and treatment options from the same source your physicians may be using. There is a free “Beyond the Basics” version and if you are interested in more detailed information you can subscribe for unlimited access to trusted, current and evidence-based resource.

Medline Plus   –   This is a National Institute’s of Health’s Web site that provides Trusted Health Information on various health topics, drugs, supplements, great tutorials, easy to understand educational videos and links to current research.

Learning about Alternative, Complementary and Integrative Medicine

MSKCC Search About Herbs – Memorial Sloan Kettering has a comprehensive list of herbs and their potential interactions with cancer treatments.

OCCAM Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine – OCCAM has developed a broad range of tools to help patients learn about Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine. These include a workbook to assist you in talking to your health care providers about their use during and after cancer care.

Getting a Survivorship Care Plan

A Survivorship Care Plan is a document that includes a summary of treatments, schedule for follow-up tests and surveillance, information about symptom management, potential late and long-term effects from cancer treatments and a list of symptoms to watch for. This document is meant to be shared with your entire health care team.   These are free programs to help patients personally formulate a Care Plan and that can be used to share with a patient’s oncology team – and then shared with your primary care providers.

Journey Forward Survivorship Care Plan – My Care Plan is a tool for patients to help initiate a personalized Survivorship Care Plan that can be downloaded, completed and shared with your oncology team. The oncology team then documents the treatments you received.

LIVESTRONG CARE PLAN – A free, easy to use program that will guide you to develop an individualized Survivorship Care Plan, and provide information about the future health risks that could be faced as a result of the cancer treatments received. The goal of this document is to share and discuss it with your oncology team.