Our Navigation Services


“An Oncology Nurse Navigator is a licensed registered nurse, trained in cancer care, who navigates, guides and supports individuals and their families through the challenges presented by having cancer.”

For a fraction of the clients who shared their gratitude by their Kind Words to us, each had a unique problem we were most willing to do our best to resolve.  Our navigation services helped them in the following ways:

  • identified providers, options, and resources to help cope with a chronic pain syndrome which was the late-term effect of cancer treatment
  • provided mental health provider choices and coordinated a referral
  • identified and connected to metastatic breast cancer support communities
  • provided education about choosing an acupuncturist, and learning about acupuncture treatments as a complementary therapy
  • accessed financial resources for travel to a clinic providing a particular clinical trial
  • educated and linked to up-to-date, evidence-based websites that teach about cancer diagnosis, treatment guidelines, understanding the pathology of their cancer diagnosis, and what to expect through the cancer journey
  • shared resources for learning about urostomy care and connected to an ostomy support group
  • identified and made referrals for those who were not receiving follow-up care for their cancer to an oncologist, and provided teaching and educational resources about lymphedema and lymphedema risk reduction
  • provided educational resources about a surgical procedure, what to expect with recovery, and information to advocate and be an active participant in care
  • shared information and resources that provide caregiver assistance with a caregiver
  • identified and helped access a post-treatment exercise program
  • shared decision-making tools to help make an informed decision about treatment choices
  • provided quality of life instruments to help communicate with the health care providers
  • provided learning tools and education about clinical trials, and coordination for a consultation with a high-risk family genetic counselor
  • provided information on how to support a friend through chemotherapy
  • connected to financial resources to help with the practical effects of cancer therapy
  • linked to colostomy teaching and vendors for colostomy supplies, and identified a difficult to obtain durable medical equipment item
  • coordinated and accessed a housing solution, identified low-cost legal services, provided emotional support and transportation options for practical purposes for someone actively going through cancer therapy
  • linked to a peer-to-peer counselor with a similar rare cancer diagnosis for supportive care
  • identified a couples retreat for a family with metastatic cancer
  • identified and assisted in paperwork for financial resources to help with the practical expenses of living through cancer treatment
  • accompanied clients to oncology visits, providing a second set of ears, and validating the next-steps and treatment recommendations.

We are here to empower individuals to learn to live fully with cancer and beyond. Contact us if you are interested in finding out if our navigation services can help you.