Our Program Volunteers

Our program volunteers comprise a diverse team of caring and compassion that makes significant contributions of their time, talent and life experience to help us further our mission.

Landscape with a hiking footpath in the forest

1lauraLaura Boe, N.D., R.N., L.P.C.
Laura has worked in the health care field for over twenty-six years in a variety of capacities – as a licensed professional counselor, registered nurse, and a naturopathic doctor. Her experience has brought her a well-rounded view of health and wellness. She strives to blend complementary and conventional medicine through evidence-based practices. As a naturopath, she uses her specialized knowledge and skills to assist patients in achieving and maintaining health by providing a personalized treatment approach. Her specialties are longevity medicine, anti-aging and healthy aging, mental health, and general adult wellness. Laura currently is employed as a holistic nurse through the Touch, Love and Compassion (TLC) program at Mercy Centura. As an almost Durango native, Laura has spent the majority of her life in the local community and knows the local resources. In her free time she and her husband enjoy cycling, traveling, gardening and other outdoor activities. Laura is a volunteer facilitator with our “Live the Moments” support group, and a leader for the SW Chapter of the Living by Living walking and hiking program.

H. Louden Kiracofe, M.D.

Dr. Kiracofe is a retired urologist who maintained a private Durango practice. He obtained his medical training through the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and completed his residency through the University of Colorado. In the past, Louden has had the privilege of being a facilitator for various support groups for people who are suddenly confronted with a life altering illness. His background includes certification as a Gestalt Therapist and he’s been a Vision Quest guide for many years.  He is compassionate and simply vested in promoting the living of a meaningful and joyful life when confronted with, or in the aftermath of, a life-altering illness, and we are so blessed to have him as a volunteer facilitator with our “Live the Moments” support group.

Melissa Glick

Melissa is committed to educating women about prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer. Her passion stems from a very personal, life-altering experience.

At age 34, Melissa tested positive for a gene mutation that indicated she had an 80% risk of developing breast cancer and a 40% risk of developing ovarian cancer. Single and career-focused, Melissa’s plans for the future quickly took on a very serious nature.

Breast cancer had affected two generations in Melissa’s family, and after multiple rounds of rigorous tests, she realized that she did not want to spend her life plagued by fear, waiting for a positive diagnosis. Instead, Melissa bravely chose to undergo a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.

While striving to educate herself about her own cancer risks, Melissa found resources that helped her navigate through the journey of previvorship. Wanting to bring those same resources to Southwest Colorado, Melissa is passionate about sharing her story and helping others for a cause that is close to her heart. Melissa volunteers with our Community Outreach program.Save