Resource Guides

Because we live in a rural community, we are challenged with the opportunity of being creative at discovering resources to help deal effectively with the issues a cancer diagnoses presents. We are working to meet that challenge by empowering our communities with Resource Guides that provide roadmaps to fill the gaps for these issues. We will periodically add new guides, so please check back.

These guides are available to download and print and are in PDF (portable document format). To view these files, you will need the latest plugin for Adobe Acrobat Reader (which may already be installed on your computer) or click on Get Adobe Acrobat Reader to install the latest free download. Click on an image to download the guide.

cancercommunitiesCancer Support Communities in and around Southwest Colorado

Support communities of every sort, contact information, location and meeting times


lymphedemaSites and Resources for Lymphedema in Southwest Colorado

Information on choosing a lymphedema therapist, a list of local-regional lymphedema therapists and their contact information, rights to insurance coverage for lymphedema treatment, local lymphedema compression garment supplies, online garment suppliers, tools and education for patients, fitters and healthcare providers, lymphedema organizations and education, peer support groups and discussion board

mastectomyPost-Lumpectomy and Mastectomy Product Sites and Resources in Southwest Colorado

Information about insurance coverage, professional fitters, where to find fitters, tools to better understand post-mastectomy, lumpectomy products, local and online resources for bras, prosthesis, apparel and accessories

ostomyOstomy Sites and Resources in Southwest Colorado

Information about wound and ostomy nurses, where to find one, insurance coverage, ostomy education and tools for healthcare providers, ostomy information and care guidelines, online retailers for ostomy supplies and clothing, peer support groups and discussion boards